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Sprites and adoption to other "theatres"

first post: smartgrid wrote: Is there a way we can keep this alive, maybe pay you for some of th...

Is this project still running ?

first post: sueds wrote: I just found this page on codeplex and I have to say this is great ...

latest post: VR2 wrote: Hi there!Yes the project is still ongoing as and when time allows :)K

Sound support in Ajaxna

first post: VR2 wrote: Sound is a problem for sure. We have basic sound & music support, y...

Getting Started with Ajaxna - Spinning 3D Cube

first post: VR2 wrote: This tutorial is deprecated. Please follow the "Tutorials" link fro...

Getting Started with Ajaxna - Hello World

first post: VR2 wrote: The "Hello World" of Ajaxna. This tutorial is deprecated. Please...

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