August 11

5th August 2011

Has it really only been 2 years? A new Microsoft web browser in IE9 and the emergence of html5 means an update is in order to keep up.

As things stands this is a very interesting side project which is fascinating to work on/with but is very far away from mainstream thinking as far as web development goes. As a gaming platform it has potential but it is clear that this project would benefit greatly from integrating WebGL ( ) or to focus on 2D games instead of flat shaded 3D, after all, who really wants to play flat shaded software rendered video games? ( )

The xml file format used by the mesh class for model data either requires a side project to export from Blender, or another format should be supported. A Blender exporter would be far the easier option I think and something I may look into should time allow.

Perhaps a larger issue is the fact that this project has focus on Winforms style programming, whereas times have most definitely changed and markup with pages is where contemporary development sits.

It could be that all this project really offers is a mechanism for a structured, reusable framework for a rich client side api with intellisense, more or less like using Silverlight, but with html instead of xaml.

August 09

17th August 2009

Things have been quiet in the Ajaxna camp for quite some time. I noticed that upon the release of IE 8, Ajaxna was no longer able to use VML to render in that browser. There were also some bugs crept into other browsers too. Since I am now unemployed I've taken the opportunity to get the project back on track, fixed the bugs and updated the tutorials to reflect the new API and to take advantage of the code templates.

Never Since Mono

20th November 2008

While writing the initial "Getting Started" tutorials, I wrote a line "XNA'ers, don't worry about the projection Matrix for now...".

This was because the graphics pipeline did not require an additional Matrix to transform from camera space to screen coordinates. It worked. It looked OK. But was it good enough? Would not folks miss the Projection Matrix?

I knew when I wrote that that some folks (XNA'ers) were going to get confused, fall out of their comfort zone and become disinterested in having to learn another API to write 3D games. Especially games as graphically limited as they must be to run in a web browser without plugins.

I decided to fix this, to really try to follow the XNA API as far as seemed sensible.

It's taken quite a few weeks and late nights to get this working but finally the jigsaw pieces have slotted into place. I believe the old API is not broken as a result but Ajaxna now has two brand new namespaces ajax.xna.framework and with a whole bunch of classes, mimicking their XNA counterparts. Using the new API, developers will get to play with the GraphicsDeviceManager, Projection Matrices, the Right Hand Rule, Game Services, the BoundingFrustum...the list goes on and on. This new code is now checked into the source code area.

Of course testing and optimisation is still required but I'm keen to release the new version (as that's where most folks download it from) with new class templates which will greatly aid developers when writing Ajaxna code.

New tutorials will also follow.

I also have a project in the wings to convert your X file meshes to be compatible for loading into Ajaxna. So much to do, so little time.


11th january 2009

Development & tutorials has been stifled this last 6 weeks or so due to work commitments and trying to learn some Silverlight. However, knowing that there are folks out there actually using this framework can only help move it forward. Please do keep the feedback coming as it would really help to know what you are doing with the framework.

The new ajax.xna.framework namespace is now coming with some pre-built game services - a GameScreenManager and an InputService (GameScreenManager is a simliar concept to the XNA version). Also Sound (now MediaPlayer) has been completely redone - this time using plugins. I know I should go ahead and change the Ajaxna tag-line at this point but there was really no other hope if cross browser was important and sound IS so very important.

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