Getting Started with Ajaxna

Follow these steps to install Ajaxna into your Visual Studio, or Visual Web Developer (VWD) Toolbox.

This tutorial will show you how to download Ajaxna and install it as a Control in your Visual Studio Toolbox.
  1. Download Ajaxna.dll from the "Releases" tab (in the navigation bar above) and save it to any folder your computers Disk Drive.
  2. Open the folder you downloaded the Ajaxna.dll file to in Windows Explorer.
  3. Create a new Web Site in VWD 2008, call it anything you like, for example "AjaxnaStart".
  4. Open the VWD toolbox, right click and select "Add Tab", Give the tab a name, like "Ajaxna".
  5. Drag the Ajaxna.dll from Windows Explorer into your new toolbox Tab. Two controls will appear, "AjaxnaControl" and "CustomTypeUIExample". You can ignore the latter.

The Ajaxna control can now be dragged from the toolbox onto any page.

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