Ajaxna Tutorials

In this section you will find tutorials for the javascript programming required to use the Ajaxna API framework and 3D classes.

Getting Started
Video Tutorials (New)
This set of tutorials are aimed at the complete beginner to Ajaxna, although some experience of programming, Javascript, 3D graphics or XNA will definately come in handy. If you've no experience of any of those then not to worry, we cover everything step by step!

The emphasis here is on producing results quickly and having some fun whilst getting a feel for the way things are done in Ajaxna. I'll also be showing some general techniques for getting the most from the new javascript intellisense in Visual Studio 2008, a feature which will help you immensely.

Tools you will need
  • A copy of Visual Studio, any version, including Visual Web Developer 2008 Express.
You can download any of the fantastic and FREE!! Visual Studio Express products from http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/.

Please note that although a great product, Visual C# Express is not required for Ajaxna development, even to extend the codebase, since service pack one has extended Visual Web Developer to support multiple project types, including .NET DLL libraries.

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